sorkozekezo 8 18Inte-row cultivator - liner is a universal machine for wide line cultavating of corn and sunflower and for narrow line cultivation of sugar beet,soya and vegetable plants from 55 – 80 cm.
This machine machine effectively takes out the weeds with „S" springs.
Precise work is enabled without using a pilot of the copy wheel and protective disks which enters into soil 3-4 cm deep and by this they keep the direction and protect the crop at the same time.For narrower inter-liners, i.e. 55 cm, 3 „S" springs with wide duck's legs (150 mm) and for wide liners 5 ones are placed.
Liner UMK 4+2 is designed for wide line cultivating of 4 inter-rows for corn and 6 for narrow line cultivating for sugar beet.
Six-row hydraulic liner is designed for 6 wide and narrow inter-rows.These machines have got a big choice of working parts.
Adapters for mineral fertilizer can be mounted on carried liners with fixed beam of 4 and 6 rows or on drawn ones of 8,12 or 18 rows.

Technical characteristics for INTER-ROW CULTIVATOR 12 - CORN
Operating width (m) 6,6
Number of batteries (pcs) 13
Number of „S” springs (pcs) 61
Oprating depth (cm) 8-12
Operating speed (km/h) 6-10 
Mass (kg)  Ca.1900 
Demand power (ks)  150-180 
Performance (ha/h)  5,5 
Variation in transport   Carried (hydraulic) – drawn



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