sorkozekezo 2 6The inter-row cultivator - liner is a universal machine for wide line processing of corn and sunflower and for narrow line processing of sugar beet,soya and vegetable plants from 55 to 80 cm.
This machine machine effectively takes out the weeds with „S" springs.
Precise work is enabled without using a pilot of the copy wheel and protective disks which enters into soil 3-4 cm deep and by this they keep the direction and protect the crop at the same time.For narrower inter-liners, i.e. 55 cm, 3 „S" springs with wide duck's legs (150 mm) and for wide liners 5 ones are placed.
Liner UMK 4+2 is designed for wide line cultivating of 4 inter-rows for corn and 6 for narrow line cultivating for sugar beet.
Six-row hydraulic liner is designed for 6 wide and narrow inter-rows.These machines have got a big choice of working parts.
Adapters for mineral fertilizer can be mounted on carried liners with fixed beam of 4 and 6 rows or on drawn ones of 8,12 or 18 rows.


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